Mobile Makeup Artists: The Solution To Your Beauty Woes

As award-winning hair and makeup artists, we understand the struggle of achieving the perfect look for intimate events, special occasions, and big events. That’s where mobile makeup artists come in! With their expert skills and professional products, they can help solve all your beauty pain points.  Here are the awesome experiences you can enjoy. Say … Read more

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The Future Of Beauty: How Technology Is Changing The Makeup Industry

Beauty is no longer just about surface-level appearances. It’s about expressing individuality, empowering confidence and celebrating the human spirit. And with technology driving innovation and creativity, the beauty industry is undergoing a transformation like never before. As a mobile makeup artist in Melbourne, Privé Hair Australia is at the forefront of this transformation, using cutting-edge … Read more

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Premium Mobile Makeup Artist Melbourne

Have you got an event or occasion coming up that you want to look stunning for? Privé offers makeup for every occasion across Melbourne. The award winning makeup artists in our team at Privé offer professional makeup for weddings, photoshoots, formals, speaking events, corporate events and celebrations of all kinds, you name it! From full … Read more

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Organic Keratin Treatment

Our Organic Keratin Treatment is a smoothing, restorative hair treatment.Repairing and nourishing the hair from the inside out, our keratin smoothing treatment technology works by filling in delicate and damaged parts of the hair with keratin. We then use the hairdryer and irons to then push the keratin deep into the hair shaft and seal … Read more

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Privé – Premium Mobile Hair and Makeup Sydney can enjoy too!

It’s official! Privé – Melbourne’s leading hair and makeup artists – are proud to announce we are now offering our Premium Mobile Hair and Makeup services in Sydney and New South Wales. Our incredible team of expert hair stylists and makeup artists offer everything from hair up and styling, natural makeup, glamorous make-up, keratin hair … Read more