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Mastering Consultations & Managing Expectations: The Cornerstone of Beauty Services

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Henry Trier

The Art of Communicating Beyond Words

In the dynamic world of beauty services, the initial consultation stands as the cornerstone of every successful hair or makeup endeavor. This crucial interaction is where the magic of understanding and translating client desires begins. At Prive Hair & Makeup, we’ve seen firsthand that the most impactful consultations are those that bridge the gap between vision and reality, ensuring that every stroke of the brush is a step towards the masterpiece both client and stylist envision.

The Power of Visuals in Shaping Expectations

Words are powerful, yet their meanings vary widely among individuals. This is why using images during consultations is essential. A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, and in our industry, it serves as the universal language that aligns the stylist’s expertise with the client’s expectations. By referring to images, we can navigate the nuances of personal style, ensuring that what the client envisions is what the stylist delivers.

Navigating the Path of Professional Honesty

What happens, though, when a client’s request ventures into the realm of the unattainable or unsuitable? Or when it falls outside an artist’s particular forte?
It is here that the true skill of a beauty professional is tested.

Clear, professional communication is the key. If a proposed style doesn’t suit the client’s hair type or facial features, it’s our duty to guide them with our expertise. Honesty, when delivered with care and professionalism, fosters trust. It opens the door to exploring alternatives that not only suit the client better but also play to the stylist’s strengths.

A Real-Life Lesson in “Expectation Management

Recently we had a client who desired a specific hairstyle but demanded minimal use of hair spray, even though lots of product and hair spray was essential for the look to be achieved and maintained. 

A few days after the event, we received unhappy feedback as the style had not held.

This scenario underlines the importance of clearly communicating the technical aspects of a client’s request—balancing their desires with what is realistically achievable to avoid disappointment.

Lessons to Learn & Professional Growth

In instances where a client remains adamant about a particular style, despite your efforts to advice otherwise, it’s crucial to outline, gently but firmly, the limitations of guaranteeing the clients satisfaction with the finished look. This not only protects you as the artist but also reinforces the value of professional guidance, which at the end of the day is what they are paying you to receive. 

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Henry Trier
Director – Prive Hair Australia

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