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Top 5 Blonde Hacks

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Henry Trier

Being blonde is a commitment to say the least! Its expensive, time consuming but let’s face it – everyone who is blonde loves it!

There are however some common issues between us blondes! Here are Privé’s Top 5 blonde hacks!


Although protein shampoos and products are a fantastic way to rebuild and strengthen your blonde hair, over use can make your hair brittle and dry – it can even lead to breakage! Make sure you alternate your hair care regime. Using protein shampoos, conditioners or styling products are fantastic, once you’ve finished them however try using something from a moisture range, or colour save. Your hair will require different kinds of nourishment, overload of any range isn’t good and altering your hair care range is always recommended.


We cannot stress enough how important it is to use heat protection – on any hair, but especially blondes. Whether its straighteners, wands or even just a hair dryer its essential to protect your hair from the heat. Blonde hair after excessive use of heat without protection will break, and become dry and brittle


We all love silver shampoo, its literally a god send to blondes! Silver shampoo is great, however first of all make sure your using a good one. Some are cheap and nasty and will leave your hair feeling really dry and can over tone. Privé recommends L’Oreal professional silver shampoo. Silver shampoo only needs to be used as and when your hair is throwing off unwanted yellow and warmth. This will vary for everyone, however as a guideline once a week is a start. Always use your usual shampoo first. Cleansing the hair efficiently before using your silver shampoo! This will leave your hair a fresh blonde without the blue tinge!


We are all guilty of leaving our highlight touch up that little bit too long, but it actually will affect how bright our colour is! When you leave your roots too long it leaves a larger area to be covered. Because of the nature of a highlight, this will in turn leave a darker shadow on the root area through your foils. The definition of a highlight is weaving a colour through your natural hair, so because you are leaving some of your natural through there, its important to make sure that you are having your touch ups every 6-8 weeks for optimum results!


Highlights aren’t cheap, but if you going to do it – do it right! Opting for the cheaper option can have catastrophic results! Cheaper price generally means cheaper product. Cheaper product means cheaper looking result but can also mean irreversible damage! Subscribe to Privé’s newsletter to receive exclusive access to the latest trends, tips and hacks but you’ll also receive a complimentary Facetime consultation with our Director and Colour specialist Jade. Finding a professional for your colour wasn’t so hard after all!

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