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Scared professional makeup artist doing your makeup?

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Henry Trier

It might sound unusual but there are a lot of ladies who are worried about
getting their makeup done professionally by a makeup artist! Some of the reasons might be:

• A previous bad experience, too much eye shadow, thick liner, feeling all a bit heavy

• Never had anyone do their makeup before! Happy with how they do it themselves, likes the idea but worried about the result and potential for disappointment.

• Assuming that makeup doesn’t suit them. That the artist will be too young and makeup doesn’t look good on them, having little self-confidence.

• Doesn’t think it’s a necessity or important to them to get done, hair is a priority.

Now, if any of the above resonates with you here are some facts we’ve taken from our artists and experience:

A previous bad experience doesn’t mean everyone will be bad! Sadly, like with lots of things in life one bad experience can be off putting! But don’t let it ruin your confidence with getting your makeup done! It can be such an empowering and indulgent experience! Having an expert artist consult you and create a look personalised to your skin colour, face shape, eye colour and of course event and outfit is truly something to be excited about!

A true professional will consult you thoroughly, ask for inspo pics or show you some to confirm what kind of look you are going for. Apply makeup in stages so that you aren’t suddenly caked, be attentive and caring toward your needs and expectations.

Just because you haven’t tried it doesn’t mean you won’t like it! It’s not something most women have the luxury of everyday anyway (unless your Victoria Beckham) so when an event does arise it’s an extra special treat! Making your day more relaxing, meaning less work for you and chances are a trained professional will blow you away with the results! It’s only when we have our first makeup experience, we realise that we aren’t actually as great as we thought at doing it ourselves!

Assuming makeup doesn’t suit you, or that you don’t look good with makeup is an injustice to yourself! Makeup is designed to enhance your natural beauty in whatever way you feel comfortable with! We get this a lot, especially at our large conferences in the green room. We look after all the female speakers for hair and makeup and there will always be a few that request not to have makeup… Sure enough when they see everyone else having theirs done, the diversity in looks, colours and amount of makeup they always come up and politely ask if they could have a little make up applied!

Makeup is for everyone, it’s the expertise of the artist to communicate and consult to translate what you like and don’t like into a beautiful enhancement of you.

Those who don’t think it’s a necessity and prioritise hair just haven’t had their makeup done properly! Hair and makeup go hand in hand, however if you have an event on, you want and need to look your best. If you realise an expert stylist is going to style your hair better than you can then a qualified experienced artist is going to be able to perfect your makeup better than you can too!

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