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To chop or not to chop? Advice from seasoned hair stylists!

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Henry Trier

Is the warmer weather tempting you to make a big change with your hair? As seasoned hair stylists, we often notice that with summer around the corner and warmer weather just on the horizon, it’s that time of year that gets every woman thinking, “should I cut my hair off?” At Privé, we have had lots of experience cutting our clients hair off, our own hair off and our team’s hair off. 😉 Here’s some simple tips to help you in deciding whether to chop or not to chop!

1. Are you having a bad day, or are you really wanting a change?
What happens a lot of the time, when our hair isn’t clean, hasn’t had a fresh cut or colour – or perhaps just isn’t styled – we can jump to conclusions and decide to chop it all off! Be sure you’re not just having a bad hair day – ask yourself if you had it blow dried cut, coloured and styled would you still feel a bit bored? If the answer is yes CHOP!

2. Do you wear your hair up all the time?
If you find yourself daily just scraping your hair back, never wearing it down or styling, CHOP! There is no point having long hair that is never worn down! Importantly though when discussing with your stylist cutting make sure its suitable for your lifestyle – for example if you need to wear your hair back off your face, make sure it’s something that can be pinned back or still worn back if required and not to short!

3. Don’t like anything you do with your hair anymore?
You’ve waved it, you’ve straightened it, you’ve had it cut, you don’t want to change the colour and still aren’t happy with it? CHOP! A fresh cut is a new lease of life! It’ll bring you confidence and you’ll be interested in playing round with it again! Remember it’s only hair and will grow back! It’s not permanent and if your so fed up then why not!?

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